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Dear Client,

Please notice that airline company do adjust their cargo flight schedule according to their load during high season without prior notice.  SPEX will do our best to keep our clients updated with latest information by posting on our website, FB fan page and tracking page.  We do encourage you to choose our DHL 3-5days service to ship your time sensitive parcels during this period. For more information about DHL service and discount price, please contact us TEL: 626-691-2940.    

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support.

SPEX台灣件每日航班, 因季節運輸因素航空公司將隨時調整起飛時間, 近期內異動較頻繁, SPEX一收到任何異動通知會立刻公告於官網, FB粉絲頁及查件系統, 敬請務必隨時留意並事先提醒收件人.  如您的貨件有時效考量, 我們建議您使用DHL3-5天優惠服務, DHL服務及價格請致電SPEX TEL: 626-691-2940

諸多不便敬請見諒, 感謝您的理解與支持. 

成岳國際物流  Posted on 2017-07-19
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