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Dear Customer,

The electricity in some areas has been shut off due to heavy thunderstorms hit Southern California. If you need to print or create labels in SPEX store, please call to confirm if the internet is working before you come. You may call the other location if the line is out of order.
因強烈雷雨襲擊南加州, 導致部分地區供電中斷. 如您欲前往SPEX門市印製託運單, 請先致電詢問該據點網路是否正常. 如電話不通請改撥其他據點查詢.
Chino Main Office TEL: 626-691-2940
Hacienda Heights Store TEL: 626-810-6779
Temple City Store TEL: 626-537-2300
成岳國際物流  Posted on 2019-03-07
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