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製單時請務必將每一箱之內容物對應箱號正確填寫,特別是一單多箱須多加留意, 因海關驗貨時可能會以抽檢的方式查驗其中一箱, 如箱號對應的裝箱明細內容不相符,海關有可能認定為”謊報”,將影響通關時效甚至查扣貨件拒絕放行,敬請留意.
Please be aware that the shipment could be detained by the customs if the details on the packing list do not match the exact items that each box contains (Especially when shipping multiple boxes in one shipment, please be sure to fill out correct item names and quantities for each box).
成岳國際物流  Posted on 2019-05-28
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